The Dorothy Cotton Story Center is under development.

We envision a uniquely inspiring and uplifting gathering place, providing the public with multimedia education and a moving experience of personal connection to international, national, regional and local efforts for the full realization of civil and human rights.

  • Visitors will learn about Ms. Cotton’s instrumental role in the Civil Rights Movement and how lessons from her life’s work inform human rights struggles today.

  • The Center will be a physical portal to the experience of Beloved Community, where we will foster, promote and celebrate leadership in transformative social change. Bringing forward the use of music, singing, the arts, and story to awaken the longing for purpose and the spirit of belonging, this gathering place will offer a taste of the sweetness of struggling alongside others for the greater good.

  • Through experiential learning and education, changing exhibits of historical interest, video and live performance for multigenerational audiences, the Center will be a place to gather, learn, showcase and celebrate the heroic efforts of people much like themselves to advocate successfully for their own human rights and the rights of others. The Story Center’s oral history component invites you to share your personal stories of struggle, bravery, and transformation. Eventually the Story Center will be a location where visitors can tape their stories which will be archived and shared with other visitors to the Center and the website